Spiritual Intensity

Spiritual Intensity

Ringing the dinner bell

Where is your spiritual intensity? I’m fired up today, because I feel like God has given me a picture of what needs to happen today.  I was raised on a corner of my grandfather’s farm. I have cattle men & women up both sides of my family tree. In fact, it’s not uncommon for me to see a big dinner bell hanging on the corner of the house.

Have you seen the big dinner bell in the old western movies, when dinner’s ready and they ring the bell to let the  ranch hands know it’s time to come in, because dinners waiting? I believe GOD has something waiting for you…and I’m here to ring the dinner bell. But i’m concerned that my people will not answer the call!

God wants to increase his power and presence in your life

But how is your spiritual hunger? Are you listening? Are you hungry for God to do something, and are you willing to stop what you are doing to come answer His call?


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